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Cerebral palsy
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Cerebral palsy
children with cerebral palsy
also known as cerebral palsy
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Martheke, everyone's favorite

Always cheerful and good-natured, even though her life is much more difficult than that of her peers. Marthe was born on September 21, 2014, she weighed barely 1,250gr. From day 1 she had to fight for her life and she still has that fighter mentality.

Cerebral palsy

From her birth we saw that Marthe did not develop like any normal child and at the age of 1.5 years we were diagnosed with “Cerebral Palsy” (CP) or cerebral palsy. This manifests itself both mentally and physically… On top of that she got epilepsy as a 3 year old.

Lifelong therapy

Every move she does, trying to make it clear to her what she wants is quite a task for her! She will need lifelong therapy to hopefully one day put the wheelchair aside and be able to walk independently, to be able to talk, simple things such as eating, drinking, dressing and undressing because she always needs help for that!

Support Marthe

During the week, Marthe goes to special education type 4 (physical disability) in Antwerp, where she receives daily therapy such as physio, ergo and logo. During the holidays she goes to the shelter in Willekom and we try to go to Train M as often as possible, a rehabilitation center with robotics. We do this on a weekly basis, she has therapy for 3 hours a day and has already achieved a lot of results! Unfortunately, this is not recognized by the government and costs an incredible amount of money. There are still various therapies, aids adapted transport that she will need, ... That is why we hope to collect money along this road by organizing various events so that Marthe can follow as much therapy as possible! As much as possible we would also like to support other children with CP because they all deserve this! Thank you so much for reading my story! Much love Marthe!

Cerebral palsy

Neurological disorder that makes it difficult to work together between muscles and the central nervous system.

Posture and movement disorder

Cerebral Palsy ( known as CP ) is a posture and movement disorder caused by damage to the brain. CP develops before the first year of life.

Motor limitations

CP is the most common cause of (motor) disabilities in children in Belgium. Almost half of all children in pediatric rehabilitation have CP.

CP is known as cerebral palsy

The word cerebral means brain. The word paresis means loss of strength. CP is also known as cerebral palsy. It is not a disease, but a neurological disorder that makes the cooperation between muscles and the central nervous system difficult. Consequences of these disorders are: balance problems, involuntary movements, muscle tone problems, epilepsy, learning difficulties, sight and hearing disorders, speech problems. These can often be serious. Cerebral palsy is also referred to as cerebral palsy. Another English term that is also used is infantile encephalopathy. The term infantile indicates that the problems are present at an early age. The second term encephalopathy refers to the malfunctioning of the brain. The cause of cerebral palsy is usually a disturbance of brain development or a brain injury before, during or in the first year of life after birth. In nine out of ten cases, the injury occurs before or during birth. Fortunately, the damage does not get worse over time. But you do suffer. The disorder ensures that part of your brain does not function or functions differently. Because the control in your brain is less effective, it is more difficult to move.

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